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The holiday season can be both sweet and a little stressful. With celebrations looking a bit different this year, we’ve put together our top tips for finding balance in your body, mind, soul and space this season. 

Gift yourself something good

Whether it’s a new set of luxury sheets, a digital workout class subscription, or simply permission to take a day and unplug from the world, make sure you give yourself the gift of self-care. Investing in yourself is a subtle reminder that you are valued, loved, and worthy of all things awesome. Start by making a list of the deeply satisfying things you crave and see what you can check off. 

Have nutritious snacks on hand

With no shortage of amazing festive treats, it can be a challenge to strike a balance between what’s nutritionally functional and what we eat just for fun. In addition to enjoying the seasonal spreads, try having some more nutritious options handy. Make it a no-brainer by keeping cut, hard vegetables like carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and a carton of hummus in your fridge for a quick, fibrous feast to feed your cells (and your skin). If you don’t have the time or energy to prep, support a local health food café like NutBar! Their superfood offerings are both delicious and nutrient-dense with no prep needed. 

Send snail mail

After spending much of this year connecting virtually, putting pen to paper not only beats receiving a text or email but it can also be mentally therapeutic for the sender too. Writing down your thoughts, or reminiscing about a fun memory is a form of gratitude practice. Research shows that people who practice being grateful are on average happier and more fulfilled in their daily lives (learn more about gratitude HERE). Don’t want to go through the hassle of buying envelopes and stamps? We’ve got you! Send your friend a free Consonant “Got O” postcard! Add a quick message and we’ll transcribe, stamp it, and send it out! Whether it’s a quick greeting card or a whole new pen pal experience, seasonal snail mail might be just what you need to stay balanced through the bustle. 

Make your space a sanctuary

With 2020 being the year of the home, keeping your space tidy and inviting can help you balance the time spent indoors. Take this opportunity to declutter and refresh your surroundings by donating old clothing, washing your beddings and clearing busy surfaces. Streamline your space by adding a recycling bin and compost to your bathroom to divert waste from the landfill. Change out any burned-out light bulbs with a low-energy bulb to brighten the area.  These simple steps can help make your home a haven this season while helping to lessen your impact on the earth. 

Commit to skin care

With the hustle and bustle of events and prep, sometimes our skin care practice can take a back seat. Before getting too deep into your holiday festivities, commit to a simple morning and evening skin care routine to keep you on track. Pick a fool proof cleanse, treat, protect regimen to keep on hand for a no-stress skin solution (a great option is the Consonant Skin Transformation Trio). Finally, for those late nights that you just can’t muster a full cleanse, keep a pack of Come Clean Cleansing Cloths in your bed-side table. The gentle surfactants can remove your makeup and hydrating glycerine lightly moisturizes. These simple tricks can make a big impact on the look and function of your skin this season. 

No matter where you are or how you celebrate, finding a balance in your holiday routines and rituals will help you refresh and recharge, body, mind, soul, and space. After all, great skin comes from more than just great skin care.





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