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NOTE: This page includes open, direct, and thorough information about human anatomy and sexuality. It may not be suitable for younger audiences.

In an ideal world, we’d all be catching our Os on the regular. But masturbation is a conversation often left in the shadows. Especially for those of us raised with vaginas.

But self-on-self action just has too many benefits for both your life and your skin to be kept out of the spotlight. From reducing the effects of stress, to the skin-boosting chemicals released during orgasm, to one study that showed those who experienced sexual pleasure three times a week looked, on average, ten years younger than their actual age.

That’s why we’re bringing you a full-frontal look at female masturbation, discussing everything from its stigmas to its science, including guided practices exploring the ins and outs of the act. In the form of the award-winning podcast called The More You O – your resource for making you-on-you time the newest expression of your skin+care practice.


To masturbate is human, and it always has been. In this episode, we look at the attitudes surrounding self-love through the ages, a breakdown of its benefits, and discuss helpful strategies for getting in touch with ourselves on all our levels – including an explorative guided practice.

Come and glow set 

This is the third edition of our Come+Glow Set. This package was designed to help satisfy your curiosity about all the ways masturbation can become part of your skin care practice, including our own HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Masks and a toy from Dame.

Skin Care Kit
Come&Glow Set | Third Edition
$75 ($99 value)


There’s more to the clitoris than meets the eye, but this pleasure-centric organ has been hiding under the surface for far too long. In this episode, we’re going over the anatomy of the clitoris, the misunderstandings that still surround it, and a guided practice designed to get to know the organ more intimately.

Episode 3 : Mental Masturbation

Masturbation isn’t only about what goes on below the belt. Our mood and our mind play a much bigger role than many of us realize. In this episode, we’re discussing desire, imagination, and all the non-touch aspects of the act, including a practice to help you discover your new favourite fantasy.

Episode 4 : TALKING WAP

No, we’re not just here to gush about the song of the summer. In this episode, we wade into the world of wetness and lubrication to get to the bottom of what’s stigma and what’s truth when it comes to fluids for both solo and partnered sex – followed by a practice all about making the most of moisture in our me-time.

Episode 5 : BUFF mUFF

What are Kegels, and why do they matter? In this episode, we discuss the merits of pelvic-floor fitness, including all the info you’ll need on making Kegels work for you, and how equipment can power up your workouts – plus a practice routine to get you started.

Episode 6 : The BIG O

This is it – the grand finale. And we couldn’t finish our season without an overview of the orgasm. In this episode, we’ll cover the science behind orgasms, the mysteries surrounding them, their baggage and their benefits. We’ll also discuss strategies for opening ourselves up to all the orgasms we deserve to have, including a practice all about trying new things.

Our hope is that opening up the masturbation conversation helps us all get more in touch with the ways this act of self-care can be a part of our lives – and not just our sex lives! With less stress, more pleasure, and our best skin, we’ll all be our best selves – and informed on how to take care of ourselves on every level, too.

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