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Optimizing your space is essential to increasing productivity, balancing your routine and managing stress (all of which come with some amazing skin benefits). To boost your skin from the inside out, take some time to reflect and refresh with our top 5 steps to making your space a sanctuary for the sake of your soul (and skin).

Set your intentions

Think about what you would like your space to represent. With whom do you share your space? What places in your home do you use most frequently and for what are they used? Think about what energy each space should have; does your bedroom make you feel calm, does your workspace invigorate you, does your kitchen inspire creativity? Once you have a target intention, think about how you can refine your space to reflect those energies and elicited action.

Incorporate your senses

Think beyond how the room or space looks. Try connecting all types of experiences into the environment with which you surround yourself. How might fragrances, candles or diffusers make you want to cuddle up, get things done or workout? Do textured carpets, blankets, baskets or books accent your desire to discover, drift off or dine in? How about bringing the outside in? Maybe a low-maintenance snake plant, a bowl of fresh lemons, or a mineral rock centrepiece can accent the spirit of your space. Think about how wind-chimes, a singing bowl or the perfect soundtrack can awaken your rooms and breathe new life into your projects. Does the placement of a mirror or the displaying of a gua sha stone remind you to take time for your skin care practice? With so much to sense how will you experience your space?

Dedicate your domains

If the increased time at home over the last few years has shown us anything, it’s how our home is a versatile vessel that encapsulates our lives. Our spaces have been transformed, and the lines between sections blurred. Our dining room has become our office, our kitchens a studio, and the hallways are our gym. Separating work and play, celebration and sleep, is of utmost importance but is also easily forgotten. Making your home a haven requires a certain amount of segmentation for our mind to function at its best. If you’re working from home, set up a designated office space (even if that means adding a laptop riser to the dining room table). When you’re done for the day pack it up and place it safely away. Keep your bed a sacred place for sleep and take the screens out (learn more about sleep hygiene HERE). These practices help to overcome mental blockages and allow us to feel rested and rejuvenated in our space.

Cut-out clutter

The expression is that a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, and while some people work well when everything is laid out in front of them, a little organization can go a long way. Start by taking inventory of what you have. Decide if items are redundant, or no longer of use. Donate or sell items for which you no longer find joy or value. Get creative with storage solutions. Would a mini shelf help organize your pots and pans? Can shallow rolling tubs store extra clothes under your bed? Would your ottoman double as art supply storage? Can a drawer divider perfectly display your serums? Think about how you can be efficient with your clutter. It’s easier to keep everything in its place when everything has a place!

Make it a ritual

Each day, take time to clear up small messes or clutter before it gets out of hand. Apply a face mask and pop on a podcast while you sweep up, do the dishes, or wash the laundry. By incorporating organization into your daily practice and making it fun, your space will always be your sanctuary.

With the often stressful lives we lead it's so important to make sure your space helps you feel calm, cool and collecting each day. Your soul and skin will thank you!

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