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So, you’ve found the perfect skin care products made with only the most effective and gentle, natural ingredients. Then why are you still using traditional laundry products?

Many people underestimate the impact of laundry soaps, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets on the look and function of skin. Little do they know, eczema, acne, ingrown hairs, or skin sensitivity may be exacerbated or even caused by these products clinging to clothes, sheets, towels, and pillow cases!

Fragrance And Irritation

Fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals in laundry products have been shown to cause skin reactions in 80 percent of people.

Here are some simple switches you can make to help optimize your cleaning routine for the sake of your skin:

  • Look for unscented laundry products

  • Use laundry products made with plant-derived surfactants

  • Try laundry soaps and softeners free from the David Suzuki “Dirty Dozen” ingredients

  • Swap your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls to naturally prevent static

These changes can help elevate your skin care practice, limit your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients, and decrease your impact on our water systems.

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