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People say that eyes are a window to the soul, and it’s no wonder! Visual cognition experts have concluded that eyes are responsible for conveying 90% of facial emotions. To help keep your eyes looking (and expressing) their best, it’s important to recognize the differences between skin around the eye and the rest of the face and care for it accordingly.

The epidermis around the eye area is about 0.04 mm thick, unlike the 0.1 mm on the rest of your face, making it more vulnerable to aging. Additionally, skin around your eyes does not have oil glands to help keep the skin moisturized.

Repetitive motion and movement of this thin skin can lead to wrinkles and fine lines more quickly than the rest of your face. Sun damage and lack of moisture, as well as inevitable movements like smiling and laughing, lead to the extra fine lines that accompany aging over time. 

How To Protect Your Skin

The best way to care for this extra sensitive skin is to choose an eye cream high in plant oils, antioxidants, and water-binding botanicals to help moisturize, plump and provide antioxidant protection. Consonant Firming Eye Cream and Moisturizing Eye Cream are great options for this.

Take It To The Next Level

Since great skin comes from more than just great skin care it’s important to incorporate lifestyle pairings to boost the performance of your products. Research shows that one of the biggest impacts on visible aging (especially around the eye) is exposure to UV rays from the sun and tanning beds. The thinner skin around the eye is especially sensitive to these harmful rays.

To mitigate these effects, avoid tanning beds, apply sunscreen every day, and wear sunglasses. Shading the eye area from both UVA and UVB rays with sunglasses can help prevent DNA damage, dark spots, fine lines and keep your eyes brighter.

Keep on expressing, with healthy, beautiful eyes!

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