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If you’ve been a part of the Consonant Community for a while, you’re probably no stranger to our ethos, that great skin comes from more than just great skin care products. Time and time again, the research shows that living a healthy life that includes leveraging the Consonant 4 Dimensions of Wellness, is vital to the look and function of skin.

If you’re in tune with your skin’s unique patterns, you may have experienced these internal mechanisms in action. Maybe your skin breaks out during stressful periods, or you notice an extra glow after you’ve been consistently eating a nutrient-rich diet. This is your body regulating your skin from the inside out. What you may not know is just how connected each component of wellness is to skin health. 

To help show just how connected our bodies are we’ve outlined how the Consonant 4 Dimensions of Wellness are essential to achieving your best skin.


This dimension of wellness is all about physiology. It encompasses everything from physical activity to wearing SPF. Moving your body, eating nutrient-rich food, and protecting yourself from harm is not only important for feeling your best, but also in achieving healthy skin.

Unfortunately, your skin health isn’t at the top of the priority list when the body allots its resources. If the body is deficient in a certain nutrient that’s essential for function, the system will favour organs like the brain, heart, and lungs before it repairs and rebuilds the skin. This can create visible signs of ageing, exacerbate skin conditions, and impact the skin’s appearance. That’s why consuming a diverse, whole food diet, moving your body, and preventing your body’s need to repair skin can ensure you’re meeting your needs and protecting all of your body’s systems.

This process is a two-way street. A healthy inside means healthy skin, and healthy skin means protection from the outside in. The main function of skin is to act as a defence mechanism against the outside world and it is often in contact with dirt, pollution, bacteria, and damaging UV rays. Protecting your skin through moisturization, sun protection, and active ingredients can help decrease the damage from these threats and protect the rest of your body from these external stressors. Making sure you’re caring for your skin with healthy, 100% natural skin care products means no harmful substances are making their way into your bloodstream and your skin can continue to do its work well.

This dimension of wellness encompasses all things mental health. The mind is a very complex network with a huge impact on skin health. Now more than ever, researchers are drawing deeper connections between mental health and the skin. There is even a division of medicine called psychodermatology that helps treat skin conditions that arise as a result of cognitive disruptions.

How we feel about our bodies and skin, how we manage stress, and the way we form connections with ourselves and others, all change physiological processes in the skin as well as impact our behaviours. A common example of this is stress. When the body is in a stressed state the sympathetic nervous system becomes active, leading to an increase in hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine. If stress is chronic and stress hormones are constantly being released, this can cause histamine reactions in the skin, increasing inflammation. This may lead to the development or worsening of skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Furthermore, stress may also change behaviours such as touching or picking skin, furthering some skin conditions.

Being cognizant of how mental health can influence the wellbeing of our skin can help to better identify and address health in a holistic manner.


This dimension of wellness is about who you are on a spiritual level. While this dimension is more difficult to articulate, the impact it has on skin health is important. This component of wellness includes having faith, hope, and personal values that provide meaning and purpose to one's life.

This belief system may differ from person to person, but despite this variability, it provides an appreciation for human existence. This is the dimension of wellness that makes you, you. It is the principals that make you want to look your best, choose products that fit your lifestyle and incorporate practices into your life that are deeply satisfying. This dimension is rooted in self-care, rituals, and joy.

An example of the connection between soul and skin is the relationship we have with ourselves. Having the ability to accept and love yourself translates into how you tend to your own needs. Studies show that those who care for themselves from a place of health and gratitude are more satisfied and consistent with healthy practices than those who are motivated by trying to change a piece of themselves they dislike. Taking care of ourselves based on what serves the soul, our core values, and self-love, will help one make lasting, positive changes.


This dimension of wellness focuses on the world around you. Whether local, like your immediate living space, or the earth as a whole, what you surround yourself with can impact the health of your skin.

Being conscious of how your care for your skin based on the season, what your skin comes into contact with on a daily basis, and how your products impact the earth, all contribute to both short and long-term skin goals. Something as simple as washing your pillowcase in a natural, fragrance-free detergent and foregoing dryer sheets can decrease skin irritation and likelihood of common skin concerns.

Long-term changes like caring for the earth can mean less pollution, better water quality, and access to renewable resources. The long-term sustainability of our actions can have an impact on skin health in various ways. So, whether it’s just adding a green bin to your bathroom to divert waste from the landfill, or choosing skincare made from natural and sustainable sources, what goes around comes around.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, great skin comes from more than just great skin care! Topical products are necessary to cleanse, treat, protect, and boost skin health, but great skin starts from within. On your journey to discovering your best skin be sure to integrate the Consonant 4 Dimensions of Wellness to look and feel your best – body, mind, soul, and space.

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