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There are three main factors that influence how effectively skin care products can make their way into the skin: form, formula, and family. Form is the type, and chemical structure of ingredient being applied, formula is the entire ingredient list of a product, and family is all of the other products and practices that make up the regimen.
At Consonant Skin+Care we have form and formula down to a science. The family part is up to you to master. That’s why we guide you through best practices for product layering, pairings, and rituals to boost your routine. One of these efficacy-boosting practices is masking. The purpose of masking is to create prolonged exposure, or the time in which the product is in contact with your skin. There are several types of masking, all with different benefits [1]. To help you navigate which type of prolonged exposure is right for you, we’ve broken down the multiple masking methods.

Clay Masking

Applying a clay mask is an iconic symbol of self-care. Caring for your skin with a clay mask can help to calm, condition, and draw impurities from the skin’s surface [2]. Clay ingredients like Manicouagan Clay are especially unique. Manicouagan Clay is high in essential minerals, antioxidants and plant compounds, and independent clinical trials indicate that applying it to the skin can soothe irritation, reduce the appearance of redness and eczema, and even increase hydration [3].

Clay can also act as a barrier that helps keep other active ingredients on the skin and promote skin healing. The Manicouagan Clay in the Consonant DHE Mask works synergistically with water-binding sugars, fruit enzymes, and willow bark to hydrate the skin and gently exfoliate. Clay masks are good for all skin types and excellent for those with dull, uneven, and blemish-prone skin. Boost your routine with a clay mask 1-2 times per week to improve glow, detoxification, and the appearance of blemishes.

Sheet Masking

Sheet masks are the less-messy delivery mechanism for active ingredients. They are especially useful when attempting to saturate the skin with liquid forms of actives [1]. Sheet masks made from natural fibres not only biodegrade after use but the woven material attracts liquid to maintain constant contact with your skin [1]. This prolonged exposure prevents evaporation of water molecules and ensures that the hydrophilic (water-loving) ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin.

Some water-soluble ingredients that are ideal for sheet masks are vitamins like B3, and C as well as hydrating ingredients like water-binding sugars, glycerin and vitamin B5. The Consonant HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Mask is expertly formulated to hydrate and infuse the skin with nourishing botanicals. As the charcoal-infused bamboo sheet calms, while HydrExtreme Hydration Boosting Serum deeply quenches and visibly plumps the skin. Applying sheet masks 1-2 times per week helps to revitalize the complexion, decreases the appearance of fine lines, and deeply hydrates the skin.

Silicon Masking

This form of masking is a new and innovative way to turn any product into an instant deep treatment. Reusable materials like silicon masks prevent 100% of transepidermal water loss so serums and creams not only stay in place but they stay activated for the entire duration of the masking session. This is ideal for areas like the neck, smile lines, and under-eyes. Not only does this reduce waste by eliminating single use masks but you’re also able to customize your serum and creams that you know are well-tolerated by these sensitive areas.

The Consonant Reusable Silicon Eye Masks can be used daily on both the under-eyes and smile lines to infuse these areas with your products of choice, for better absorption and efficacy. This is ideal for brighter and smoother eyes and a luminous complexion.

So, whether it’s a single session or you’re all about multi-masking, try incorporating prolonged exposure into your routine to help get the most out of your products. Discover more ways to boost your routine on the Consonant discovery blog. After all, great skin comes from more than just great skin care products.


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