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Happy International Women's Day! As a proud 100% women-led and operated team, we are excited to join the global celebration of the remarkable achievements and contributions of women everywhere.

To celebrate, we've curated a list of our favourite women-led brands that inspire us daily. From innovative entrepreneurs to creative visionaries, these brands embody the strength and resilience of women in various industries. We invite you to explore and support these incredible businesses today and in the future! 


all is well (tea)

Alder Apparel 

Sock Footage 

Barbet (beverages)

Jenny Bird (jewellery)

Cheekbone Beauty (makeup)

Mave & Chez (slippers)

Nudestix (makeup)

Blume (beverages)

B, Halfmoon (yoga staples)



Chi Junky (yoga)

Rumble Boxing

SPINCO (spin classes)



Dr. Elizabeth Miller (naturopath)

June Croken (hair)

FUZZ Waxbar

Skinrehab (facials)

Toronto Apothecary Group (multidisciplinary clinic)

Clean Beauty School (skin therapist)

Simone Samuels (personal training)

Formula Fig (facials)

Diana Osborne (hair)

Jessenia Pinto (lashes)

Kendra Thomson (RMT, doula)

Nutbar (superfood café)

Green Beauty Curator (MUA)

Helen and Hildegard (apothecary)


Together, let's continue to champion and empower women in all walks of life. Here's to the amazing women who inspire us every day!