**EXPRESS LIFT+TONE TREATMENT | August 12 - 14th Only | 20mins $25**

This non-invasive “face lift” uses the power of microcurrent and LED light therapy to lift and strengthen the muscles in your face. The effect will be instant firming and contouring. A relaxing skin care application finishes the treatment with a signature Consonant glow. 

Call 416-214-2855 to book your Express Treatment. Limited spots available. Booking on a first to call, first served basis.


Book HERE or call 416-214-2855.

At Consonant Custom Cold Laser we're happy to offer a fully customizable treatment experience. You’ll fall in love with this treatment’s instant results and zero downtime. You'll stay in love when you notice firmer, smoother skin in the days following your treatment.

"Immediately, my skin was glowing, incredibly hydrated and looked visibly less bloated. But the magic happened 2 days later when I noticed how toned my jawline was. (Thanks, ultrasound technology!)" - ELLE Magazine

All of the treatments below feature: Multi-coloured Photo Therapy SLED panel with Pure Oxygen, 98% Pure Ambient Oxygen Spray and Negative Pressure Therapy.

You may then select a certain number of boosters depending on the treatment you book. 

C3L Healthy Skin Treatment - Pick 1 Booster
50 mins | $150/treatment | PKG of 3 $415 | PKG of 6 $790

C3L Best Skin Treatment - Pick 2 Boosters
60 mins | $195/treatment (1st time clients $170) | PKG of 3 $540 | PKG of 6 $1000 

C3L Elevated Treatment - Enjoy all 3 Boosters
80 mins | $245/treatment (1st time clients $215) | PKG of 3 $685 | PKG of 6 $1295 

Booster options:

  • Biosonix Ultrasound (hydrate and nourish)
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion (exfoliate and smooth)
  • Microcurrent Stimulation with LED Light Therapy (sculpt and tone)       

Express Treatment Option

C3L Panel Treatment: Multi-coloured Photo Therapy SLED panel with Pure Oxygen, 98% Pure Ambient Oxygen Spray.
A good quick boost between treatments or before a big event.
20 mins | $50/treatment | PKG of 6 $250 

Book HERE or call 416-214-2855.