Morning Meditation w/ Megan Alexander, Founder of Good Space

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Morning Meditation w/ Megan Alexander, Founder of Good Space

At Consonant, we believe that great skin comes with more than great skincare. Sometimes we forget that there is more to health than just exercise and nutrition. In reality, there are seven domains of health, termed “The Seven Dimensions of Wellness”.

These interconnected avenues include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational health. While each dimension is unique in its own respect, they are also deeply connected to makeup one’s quality of life, including your skin. 

Megan Alexander is the Founder and Owner of Good Space, a yoga + mediation studio located in Toronto. We talked to her about how and why she got into her practice, what wellness means to her, and her advice to anyone who wants to start their own business. 

The energy you put into something dictates the outcome. Live in your own magic and don’t compare yourself to others.

What inspired you to open a yoga + meditation studio?

When I lived in Australia, I worked at a studio that I really connected with. It was during a time when yoga was helping me a lot in my life. I moved home (Toronto) and wanted to bring a similar community into fruition here. Thus, the Good Space baby was born.
When did you start doing yoga + meditation?

I started practicing at Moksha uptown when I was 16. But it took me almost 7 years to understand the practice for what I see it as today: full of exploration + insight, playful yet grounding, truly an entire philosophy in which to live your life. I traveled around India for 6 months in 2016 and it was there that a consistent meditation practice came into my life.
What does wellness mean to you?

Accessing a state where you feel capable of handling what life throws at you. It can be a tough world out there! Equip yourself with the necessary tools to thrive in it.
How do you manage stress?

It sounds cliche, but I truly feel too blessed to be stressed. Being born in a country like Canada, alone, is reason not to sweat the small stuff. Focusing on what’s important (relationships, family, connection) make’s everything else pale in comparison. Also, everything is temporary - including stress.
What kind of challenges did you face when you started your business?

You really have to wear all of the hats as a business owner, and sometimes they don’t fit right. Navigating my way through different endeavours for the first time was a challenge. Luckily, I have a great support system that has been able to help me out along the way.
What’s your self-care routine like?

Creating boundaries. Saying “no” to some things. And of course, lemon water first thing in the morning :)
How would you describe your skincare routine? 

Rigorous. Indulgent. Costly. Definitely a form of self-care.
Who inspires you? 

All the badass women who are doing new + creative things out there. Including my mom.
Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to open up their own studio or start their own business?

The energy you put into something dictates the outcome. Live in your own magic and don’t compare yourself to others.
Check out Good Space studio here.

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