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At Home w/ Carter Reid

Meet Carter Reid, Holistic Nutritionist, Digital Advertiser at The Toronto Star & The Kit, and mom of one.

What does “wellness” mean to you?

I understand wellness to be the personal journey one takes to reach the truest, highest expression of themselves. At its deepest point, I believe it to be the commitment that you make with yourself to love, honour and accept yourself in all its forms. By nature, this process involves, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, but I think the commitment to love and honour who you are comes first. If I can make that commitment to myself and act on it day to day, I am practicing wellness. This process looks different for everyone and is constantly changing day to day. It's highly individual and personal.

So, you work in digital advertising for The Toronto Star and The Kit’s online platforms and you are also a Holistic Nutritionist! What does your workday look like?

Usually jam packed! Between The Star, my own online passions and wellness pursuits, and being a mom, it gets a little nutty. Up until recently, I was also in school- which was boarderline insanity (but I’m probably going to do it again, smh). There is basically little to no down time during the day, as I’m leveraging each minute, down to the second at times, in order to maximize my time. Effective time management and eliminating distractions are usually how I make it work. As insane as that sounds, it keeps me on my toes, I enjoy being challenged and living outside my comfort zone. My growth has always been exponential whenever this is the case.

It’s also quite humbling to reflect on that growth after the fact. It puts into perspective what we are capable of as humans.  

It’s taken time but I have come to embrace each phase of my life, as it’s happening. I fundamentally believe one’s life journey and circumstances exist to teach new lessons and foster personal and spiritual growth. So in the day to day chaos, I am constantly reminding myself to search for ways in which to maximize what is in front of me and use it to catapult me forward. Finding downtime throughout the day is very challenging but is something I am working towards- I’m always trying to re-establish balance, I think everyone is to an extent.

How do you balance work-mom life?

I have come to accept that it will be chaotic most of the time. It is beautiful, and challenging and immensely rewarding, magical, and breathtaking but it’s also an experience that constantly stretches your perceived capacity for patience.

Harnessing my ability to be calm and at the moment is how I balance.

There is no way that I would be able to effectively parent, work, strategize, plan, make decisions or problem solve if I was always on edge or operating in a heady space. I think my ability to remove myself from situations and step outside of myself, so to speak, allows me to balance being a working parent.

I am constantly challenging myself to think retrospectively and subjectively. This is something I have been practicing for years. I also make a continuous effort to meditate throughout the day and as I live my life. It is very challenging to do, however, I have found it to be one of the best forms of meditation, especially if you’re not a person who sets aside time each day to meditate. If you can be present and observe your racing mind and the world around you as each minute unfolds, you will notice big changes.

This has been the most direct path towards balance for me thus far and I’ll continue to work at it indefinitely.

What’s your skincare routine?

I have simplified my skincare routine quite a bit, as far as external practices are concerned. I have been focusing my efforts on cleansing and nourishing the inside of my body in order to achieve my skin goals. The bulk of these efforts include a high intake of water, vegetables and fibre, eliminating high allergen foods or foods that generally make me feel bad, and incorporating exercise. Beyond establishing that foundation, my external skincare routine consists of regular exfoliation, deep cleansing (saunas are also great for this), and high doses of moisture.

What are your favourite healthy spots in the city?

I have several! I love hello 123 in Parkdale, The Beet in the Junction, The Goods and Simple Kitchen in Roncy and Planta is fun too! Those are my core places and where you will likely find me on a day off or for Saturday morning brunch with Salem. I’ll probably be eating his pancakes.

What skincare trends are you into right now?

Truthfully I’m not one for trends. I believe that if something is true, honest and effective it will be timeless and a constant. That said, there are a few practices I adopt which happen to be trendy. For one, I love collagen. I’ve been using it for years and am a huge advocate, especially for women in their 20’s and over. I also consume silica for skincare and haircare. It is a mineral that is essential for skin and bone health. I usually consume it in the form of Horsetail (a herb), as capsules or tea. I also use Vitamin C on my face and enjoy a good Gua Sha session.

What is your go-to skincare product? 

My go-to skincare products are HydrExtreme, without which my skincare routine has a void. My Ultra Firming Eye Cream - I use a lot of serums and oils and so a good eye cream is very necessary to effectively moisturize the area without getting oil near my eyes (super painful). It’s also very helpful when you have early mornings like I do! The Foaming Face Wash is also a go-to. It really is a solid and dependable cleanser. Aside from that, I use a lot of pure and natural oils to both cleanse and moisturize my face.

Who are the women who inspire you?

I have a few really amazing women in my life who have acted as both mentors and friends. I am constantly turning to them, whether it be to bounce back ideas (or poke holes in them) and generally for support and guidance. They inspire me on a daily basis. I think mentorship is extremely important. Beyond that, Oprah, of course. Aside from her success from a career and monetary standpoint, which is impressive, what’s more, is her unwavering commitment and discipline when it comes to self-growth and personal development. Her perspective on life and spiritual intelligence is breathtaking. She has truly taken herself all the way in this life and has provided so many resources and tools to help guide other girls and women to do the same.

Brene Brown is a spectacular woman, her guidance towards vulnerability is life changing. Recently, I have been very inspired by Chirlane McCray (New York’s First Lady). She is incredibly selfless, courageous and bold. Her perspectives and overall energy blow me away. She is leading a major movement which serves to deliver tools and modern solutions for individuals who struggle with mental health (which is 1 in 4 people) and is making massive strides. I am really excited to watch her push things forward in this space. I am also hugely inspired by Trinity Mouzon Wofford, founder of Golde. She is beyond incredible. I could listen to her speak for hours. She is an old soul beyond her years and is doing some amazing things, it’s truly a treat to watch.

The beautiful thing about the time in which we are living is that no matter where in the world you are or however big or small your influence if you seek to effect change in a positive way and serve humanity, it can be noted worldwide.

It’s so important that we continue in this direction, to inspire and motivate young women all over, to host meaningful conversations about important issues and push for change in the areas we need it most.

That was a tangent but truly, every single girl or woman I have crossed paths with has taught me something that I carry with me today and so I am constantly inspired by a multitude of women at any given time. 

How do you wind down after a long day?

I journal. Regular self-reflection and understanding are critical. It is one of the ways in which I connect and foster a relationship with myself. Talking myself, or writing myself, through experiences I had that day (good or bad), thought processes I have been engaging in throughout the day or patterns I have noticed, etc. That and practicing gratitude for all that I currently have in my life. There is always something to be grateful for. No matter what your situation, there is always someone who is suffering far more than you.

If I do those two things, I have returned to my truth and feel grounded, no matter what my day entailed.

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