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If you’ve spent time researching skin care, you’ve probably noticed that there are a range of price tags associated with products. It can feel like a no-brainer to pick up a serum when it will only set you back five or ten dollars a bottle, but understanding how companies can afford to retail their products for so little can leave you wondering where they’re cutting costs, or cutting corners. Read on to uncover all the steps that go into a well-formulated product and why a more expensive product may come with greater quality, tolerability, and results.
From conception to launch, our product development process can take 1-2 years to complete. Each step is carefully considered and the quality and testing can be reflected in the price of your products. After all, you get what you pay for!

What Consonant does behind the scenes: 

Design Products that Solve Your Problems

  • We start with our customers; conducting polls, panel studies and interviews, compiling emails and social media comments to outline what challenges our customers are having before brainstorming what ingredients might help solve those problems.
  • Many brands get pitched product formulation by vendors and manufacturers, if the brand then decide to use that formula they package and market that product under their brand.
  • We customize each product and formulate to our exact specifications for a one-of-a-kind product experience.

Use Clinically Proven Ingredients

  • Other brands may not require their suppliers to test their ingredients before using them in a formula or making claims regarding their efficacy.
  • We work with ingredients suppliers that have conducted well-built studies to prove their ingredients work at realistic concentrations, attainable in our prospective product.

Formulate and Re-formulate to Perfection

  • Some brands may only conduct one or two rounds of formulation or sometimes use an “off the self”, pre-made formula that is purchased and sold under their name.
  • We undergo many rounds of formulation before deciding on a final formula, often conducting panel studies between revisions to have real customers or professionals provide feedback on formula variations
  • Between revisions we also evaluate the tolerability of the formula, how it reacts on different skin types, how it applies when layered into a whole regimen, how it feels on the skin over time – a step that many companies skip, potentially resulting in irritating products, products that pill when layered with other skin care, or regimens that feel tacky or unpleasant on the skin.

Made and Manufactured in Canada

  • Labour and manufacturing overseas can be much more cost-effective but may not uphold rigorous quality assurance, safe work environments for employees, or may not pay fair wages.
  • Consonant manufactures every product in Canada for a traceable supply chain, quality assurance of each product, and to keep our products close to home.

Test the Efficacy of the Final Product

  • Some companies conduct no testing on the product before making claims about the anticipated results or rely solely on the studies. conducted on the raw materials to make claims about their final product
  • Consonant conducts consumer panel studies and/or third-party clinical studies on all our products to ensure the final formula is capable of eliciting the desired results in a meaningful length of time.
  • We even test products against industry gold standard formulations to prove our products can outperform even the leading brands. 
There’s a lot that happened behind the scenes to bring a product from ideation to your bathroom vanity, and we are here to help you make the most informed decisions about the products you include in your regimen. Have questions about a Consonant formula? We believe in honesty in skin care and are quick to give you a straight up answer. Never hesitate to reach out to us at
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