Skin + Warming Spices

Add warming ingredients like cayenne, ginger, wasabi, or cinnamon to your meals to boost skin glow from the inside out. These spices and herbs can help dilate blood vessels increasing blood flow and nutrition to the skin. Not only does this give your skin a beautiful glow, research also shows that higher levels of dermal blood flow is associated with decreased visible signs of aging [1].

So, whether it’s an extra squirt of hot sauce or a spiced hot cider, treat yourself and your skin to the benefits of warming ingredients. 


[1] Tsukahara K, Nagashima Y, Moriwaki S, Fujimura T, Hattori M, Takema Y. Relationship between physical parameters and blood flow in human facial skin. J Cosmet Sci. 2003 Sep-Oct;54(5):499-511. PMID: 14605691.