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It’s no secret that movement is important for total health, but the act of sweating itself also carries some awesome benefits for the health of your skin!

Getting active packs a 1-2-punch by helping to decrease inflammatory stress hormones (that can make skin conditions worse), as well as unblocking pores, and hydrating as we sweat.

What Is Sweat Made Of? 

Sweat is primarily composed of water but there are also compounds like salts, iron, and natural acids that can be therapeutic to the skin. These chemicals can actually help the surface of the skin re-balance. The water in sweat hydrates, while minerals and salt can kill bacteria and naturally exfoliate.

When we sweat, the skin also releases oils, ceramides, urea and uric acid that can help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. Sweating also purges the skin and pores of bacteria, dirt, and impurities, helping to prevent blemishes. Since sweat is acidic (like the surface of our skin) it can also balance pH after potentially being exposed to acid mantle-disrupting substances like pollution.

Make Sure You Cleanse. 

There is however, a fine balance when it comes to the length of time you leave sweat on your skin. After a sweat sesh, skin begins to re-absorb the substances carried in sweat. When this occurs, pH factors change and can lead to irritation, bacterial growth and can exacerbate skin conditions like dermatitis and acne.

To make sure you’re reaping the benefits of working up a sweat make sure you shower with Natural Foaming Face Wash or use a Come Clean Cleansing Cloth before and after your workout to reduce the impurities on your skin and prevent irritation. Also, stay hydrated to dilute these impurities in your sweat. Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize after your shower to protect and condition your skin.

So whether you want to decrease stress, get your blood flowing or boost your glow, get a sweat in for the sake of your skin!

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