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Hobbies can fuel your creativity and keep your hands busy, but wear gloves for added protection. Whether it’s arts and crafts, or washing up after a messy project, household cleaners and soaps may be contributing to your skin conditions. Consumers from all over the world report experiencing contact dermatitis, rashes and dryness from household cleaning products [1, 2]. It’s always best to avoid products with any of the David Suzuki Dirty Dozen ingredients and wear gloves when handling detergents or washing products. Between harsh, grease-fighting surfactants and irritating fragrances there are numerous chemicals that have been shown to cause skin irritation [1]. 

If you find yourself struggling with dry, cracked hands, see a dermatologist and aim for only using products with gentle, unscented ingredients, use rich, silicon-free moisturizers, and protect and lock in moisture with gloves where possible. 

When that’s not possible, follow a hand wash with our Organic Hand Cream.


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[2] Magnano, M., Silvani, S., Vincenzi, C., Nino, M., & Tosti, A. (2009). Contact allergens and irritants in household washing and cleaning products. Contact dermatitis61(6), 337-341.

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