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With so many variables influencing the look and function of our skin, it can be difficult to pinpoint the culprit when you’re experiencing a flareup or breakout. A simple solution is to keep a skin journal or habit tracker to help recognize correlations in your routine and your skin.

Factors like new foods, exercise habits, stress, travel, new products and so much more, can change how your skin looks and feels on a monthly basis. 

Download our free printable habit tracker HERE to keep track of your daily habits and better understand your skin! 

How To Use
  • At the beginning of a new month fill in the habits you wish to track along the left column

    • Habits can include:

      • Exercise

      • Nutritious eating

      • Stress

      • Menstrual cycle

      • Laundry days

      • Meditation

      • Travel

      • New products

      • Regimen changes

  • Each day fill in the square corresponding to the days of the month and if that habit was fulfilled or you noted a change

    • At the end of the month note what days your skin was balanced or not and if there’s a habit that stands out

      • The following month aim to increase beneficial habits and decrease ones that may have corresponded with poor skin outcomes

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