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Did you know that your skin ages more rapidly on some parts of your body more than others?
Visible signs of aging in the skin is defined by dark spots, discolouration, loss of elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles. These visible skin changes are an indication that cells are becoming damaged and their lifespan is being reduced.

What skin ages the fastest?

Studies show that the chest area ages more rapidly than other places on the body [1]. When compared to skin on the back or bottom, chest skin cells actually contained a genetic mutation that causes the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to work incorrectly, causing the cells to deteriorate [1].

Can you slow aging?

This mutation is thought to be preventable by protecting skin from UV light, pollution or other environmental stressors. In other words, by wearing sunscreen regularly, avoiding smoking, using antioxidant compounds, and boosting hydration we may be able to prevent or slow this process.
At Consonant we’re not pro anti-aging but we're all about healthy aging! To help keep the skin healthy through all stages of life shop our healthy aging collection HERE.
[1] Kaneko, N., Vierkoetter, A., Kraemer, U., Sugiri, D., Matsui, M., Yamamoto, A., ... & Morita, A. (2012). Mitochondrial common deletion mutation and extrinsic skin ageing in German and Japanese women. Experimental dermatology21, 26-30.

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