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Cleansing the skin properly is arguably the most important step of your skin care routine. From prepping the skin, to product penetration there’s a lot the cleanse step does for the skin. We’ve compiled our top tips for making the most out of your cleanse for your body, mind soul, and space.

Why is the cleanse step so important?

Cleansing the skin is the foundation on which the remaining steps in your skin care practice rest. Not only does a proper cleanse rinse away dirt and makeup but it also removes harmful substances like pollution or irritating residues. This can help prevent oxidative and environmental stress from damaging skin, preventing premature cell aging. Cleansing with the proper cleanser also ensures the acid mantle and moisturize barrier are not disrupted, preventing irritation or imbalance that can lead to redness, or exacerbate existing skin conditions. Finally, cleansing allows the residues and excess oils to be removed from the skin, allowing the rest of your skin care actives to penetrate into the skin, making them more effective.
With that said, the cleansing step also has potential to do more harm than good! Using harsh astringent products, cleansing too frequently, or failing to choose the correct formulation for your skin type could result in skin imbalances, making skin conditions worse. With that in mind here are our top tips for cleansing effectively.

Use the appropriate cleanser type for your skin goals

Sometimes you’re wearing makeup, other times it humid out, or you’re breaking out. As your skin and environment changes your cleanser should also change. Using oil-based cleansers are great for dissolving oil-based impurities like heavy makeup, mineral sunscreens, and excess oil, while foaming cleansers break apart oils and help rinse water-based impurities from the skin. Use this chart to help navigate which cleanser to use and when. 

Dry your skin with a clean towel (stop using your bath towel on your face!)

Your skin is only as clean as the towel used to dry it! Bath towels are loaded with bacteria that may contribute to acne blemishes. Try keeping a dedicated hand towel for drying your face and regularly wash it in an unscented detergent. This will help prevent the amount of bacteria with which your skin comes into contact, keeping your skin clear and healthy.

Use your cleanse to boost mental acuity

Let’s be honest, doing a double cleanse or a 10 minute deep cleanse can be boring! But this study reviewing types of thoughts and mental states indicates that embracing boredom may be the key to a better brain. Allowing your brain to get bored actually helps you work through complex problems and breeds creativity! Alternatively, using your cleanse as a way to practice a mindful meditation has also been shown to boost skin health (read more here).

Cleanse for long enough

A quick 5 second sweep of cleanser isn't going to give you the deep clean you're looking for. We recommend massaging your cleanser into your face for at least 30-60 seconds to make sure you're getting a thorough wash.

Swap your cleansing wipes or cotton pads for reusable cleansing rounds

While using dedicated cloths and rounds for your face can cut down on potentially harmful bacteria with which your skin comes into contact, relying on single use cotton rounds can be a wasteful practice. Switching to washable and reusable cleansing rounds can replace thousands of cotton rounds per year. They can be used with micellar water, toner, Foaming Face Wash and Oil Cleansers to help apply the products, rinse the skin clean, and remove stubborn makeup. 

Cleansing can be a make-or-break step in any regimen. Whether you’re using an oil cleanser or a foaming wash, give your skin the care it craves each day. Happy cleansing!

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