Skin Boosting Serum Sampler Pack (Value $82)

We created this limited edition value pack so you can try all of our potent serums. They were each formulated to boost your skin in a different way to help you discover your best skin. Your skin's needs are impacted daily by a variety of factors. Pick the serum that best suits its needs on any given day.  This awesome pack is only available for a limited time.

HydrExtreme - Hydrates

Vitamin B3 + Zinc - Clarifies

Vitamin E + Oat - Renews

Glycolic Serum - Increases Radiance

Sampler Pack contains: 4.4ml HydrExtreme, 4.4ml Vitamin B3 + Zinc Serum, 4.4ml Vitamin E + Oat Serum, 10ml Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum, Jelly Bag.

How to Recycle


Peel off any labels, pop out pumps, rinse out the bottles, and toss bottles into your recycling bin. Pull glass straw from HydrExtreme dropper and recycle. Unfortunately, the pumps and black tops are not recyclable due to the mixed material composition.

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