Organic Body Duo

Cleanse and hydrate with our 100% natural body lotion and body wash. 

Antioxidant and formulated to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin, our body lotion truly improves the condition of your skin rather than just covering up dryness.

Consonant Organic Body Wash is a 100% natural, gentle, but effective cleanser. Formulated to be sulphate free, our coconut-derived surfactant ensures you still get a nice foam. The sophisticated formula is packed with organic botanicals to ensure it's nourishing and hydrating for even the most sensitive skin.

There are 3 scent options for the body products:

  • Pure Unscented: If you have sensitive skin or enjoy an unscented experience, you'll love the simplicity and the clean scent (nothing but the natural scent of the ingredients) of our Pure Unscented Body Lotion. 
  • Scent 001: Our Master Aromatherapist created Scent 001 to be warm and spicy. It is a delicate, unique citrus fragrance that blends sweet orange with cinnamon, coriander and cassia middle and bottom notes.
  • Scent 002: Our Master Aromatherapist designed scent 002 to be refreshing and energizing. It is a spirited blend of White Sage and Peppermint with a whisper of grapefruit.

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Kit Contents

Organic Body Lotion 250ml, Organic Body Wash 250ml.

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