Gym & Travel Starter Kit

Product Description

This kit covers all of your basic body care needs when you are on-the-go ($59 value).

1. Cleanse and tone skin with our award-winning Natural Foaming Face Wash. 

2. Wash without drying your skin with our Organic Body Wash.

3. Hydrate and protect your skin with our soothing Organic Body Lotion and Lip Conditioner.

Pack it all in our handy organic cotton gym and travel bag! This bag has plenty of room for the products above as well as additional personal care products you may need.

Kit contents: Natural Foaming Face Wash 50ml, your choice of Organic Body Lotion and Body Wash 99ml, Natural Lip Conditioner, Gym and Travel Bag.

There are 2 scent options for the body products. Please select the desired scent from the options below.

Pure Unscented: If you have sensitive skin or enjoy an unscented experience, you'll love the simplicity and the clean scent (nothing but the natural scent of the ingredients) of our Pure Unscented Body Lotion. 

Scent 002: Our Master Aromatherapist designed scent 002 to be refreshing and energizing. It is a spirited blend of White Sage and Peppermint with a whisper of grapefruit.

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