1. What is the shelf life of your products?
The shelf life varies by product but generally our products stay fresh for 12 – 18 months after opening. Consonant products are made with all natural ingredients so they will react to extreme heat or cold. Store your Consonant products at room temperature and out of direct sunlight to maximize product life and efficacy. 

2. 100% natural? Is that possible?
Yes it is. Our ingredients are either certified organic botanicals, oils and butters, or 100% naturally derived, beneficial skin care ingredients such as Vegetable Glycerin (a moisturizer) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E). We use a preservative system in our skin care products made from a combination of Lactose Peroxidase & Glucose Oxidase to keep our skin care products fresh. In our body products and face wash we use a Radish Root Ferment!

The only products that are not 100% natural are our body lotions, body washes and hand wash. They are 99.6% natural and will be 100% natural by spring 2021.

3. Are your products Paraben free?
They are. We’re proud to have formulations which are free of all “hot list” chemicals. 

4. Are your products gluten free?
The majority of our skin care products are gluten free. Our Hand Creams and Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream contain wheat germ oil and our baby products, some bath bombs and Oatmeal Open Stock Soap contain oatmeal. While oatmeal itself doesn't contain gluten we can't guarantee that the oatmeal hasn't come in contact with wheat before it gets to our facility.

5. Are your products safe for pregnant women and babies?
Because Consonant products are natural and contain none of the harsh and irritating ingredients that are found in many traditional products, including baby products, they are almost all perfect for pregnant women and newborns. We do use salicylic acid in our Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum so we recommend avoiding that product while pregnant. We recommend sticking to our Pure Unscented body range as some essential oils (even organic ones) should be avoided during pregnancy and can be irritating to sensitive baby skin. Full ingredient lists for each product are available on each product page. We always recommend showing those to your doctor to be extra safe. Please don't hesitate to write with specific ingredients that you're trying to avoid and we would be glad to let you know if they're in our products.

7. Can I try your products before I buy?
*Sampling has been paused due to COVID* We like to say, to try Consonant is to love Consonant. There are a number of ways to sample our products.

  •  Visit one of the Consonant stores in Toronto or one of our wonderful retailers.
  • Send an e-mail to info@consonant.com if you have a specific product request and we will send you a sample by mail. Please be sure to include your complete mailing address and phone number so we can contact you if necessary. At this time we are only able to mail samples within North America. There is a limit of one sample pack per person.
  • A complimentary sample is included with every order.

8. Why are your products more expensive than traditional drug store brands?

Consonant products are formulated very differently than those found in the drug store. Traditional brands often use inexpensive (and often times toxic) ingredients like silicones which coat the skin making it feel better, but don’t do anything to promote long term health of your skin. We formulate our products with high quality, natural and organic ingredients which are expensive. They work with your skin to improve the texture, health and tone over the long term. We also include a high concentration of these natural and organic ingredients rather than loading our product with inexpensive fillers.

9. Can I use Consonant products if I have eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis?
The natural formulations of our products mean they contain none of the harsh and irritating ingredients, such as sulphates (the leading cause of contact dermatitis) and synthetic fragrances that are found in traditional skin care products. This makes them perfect for anyone that has especially sensitive skin. The Pure Unscented Range has no added scent (not even essential oils) so they are especially well suited for people with sensitivities and skin irritation. HydrExtreme has proven to be an excellent product for eczema treatment in particular. Our Organic Olive Oil Soap is also a great option for cleansing since olive oil is so hydrating and anti-inflammatory. 

10. Are all your ingredients from Canada?
While we try to keep as much as we can "close to home", there are some ingredients that simply aren't made in Canada, such as Grade A Organic Olive Oil and wild crafted Shea Butter. It is important to us to put only the best ingredients in our products, so we source our ingredients from all over the world.

11. Are Consonant products tested on animals?
They're not. We only test on ourselves and willing human friends.