Detox + Sculpt Express Treatment

30 mins | $65/treatment (1st time clients $49) | Package of 3 $150

This treatment is perfect for you if you have overindulged and need to detox and reduce puffiness.

Your treatment will start with a thorough cleanse to remove the city grit and grime. Your technician will then use facial cupping (as seen on Oprah and in Vogue Magazine) to sculpt the face, increase blood flow and gently remove excess lymph fluid. The treatment finishes with a facial massage featuring a custom blend of our award-winning natural skin care products to protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Leave hydrated and feeling invigorated, refreshed and sculpted. 

(Don’t worry, unlike body cupping, there’s no bruising or downtime with this facial cupping treatment! The cup is always moving and provides a very light suction. This treatment is not recommended for people who have had botox or facial fillers within two weeks of this treatment.)



Location: This treatment is only available at our Consonant Express @ Sweat and Tonic location at 225 Yonge Street. Please check in with the front desk staff at Sweat and Tonic and they will escort you to the treatment room.  


  • Botox or fillers: We recommend waiting at least two weeks after having had botox or any facial fillers to have a Detox + Sculpt facial.
  • Active pustular acne: We don’t recommend this treatment if you have active pustular acne as we don't want to encourage the spread of bacteria around the face. We recommend the Rejuvenate + Glow facial for those with active acne.
  • Broken capillaries: Because of the suction action of the cups we recommend picking one of the other treatments if you have broken capillaries.