Consonant Express @ Sweat and Tonic FAQ's

Appointment Questions 

  • Where are you located? Consonant Express @ Sweat and Tonic is located on the second floor of Sweat and Tonic at 225 Yonge Street. Please check in with the front desk on the ground floor and they will guide you up to your appointment.
  • How do I book an appointment? You can either book online by clicking here or by calling us at 416-214-2855.
  • How do I cancel an appointment? Please call us at 416-214-2855 to cancel your appointment. A cancelation is only valid when you speak to a Regimen Coach or a Sweat and Tonic Service Rep in person and get a cancelation confirmation email from us. Voicemails do not count as a cancellation. We do have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy so please make sure you call and speak with someone more than 24 hours before your appointment.
  • What is the cancellation policy? In order to make it fair for everyone there is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy in effect. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment you will be charged for the full appointment. Not showing up for an appointment or being more than 5 minutes late for your appointment will also result in a full charge. 
  • What if I’m running late? Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. In order to be fair to the people booked after you, your treatment will still end at the time it was scheduled to end at so lateness may result in a shorter treatment. You can reach us at 416-214-2855.
  • Should I come before or after my work out? If you are planning to do a workout, please do it and shower before your treatment. We infuse some amazing botanicals into your skin during the treatment and you don't want to sweat it or wash it off.

  • Should I remove my makeup before I come? No need to do this. Your technician will do a thorough cleanse at the beginning of your treatment. 

Treatment Specific Questions 

  • How often should I come? These treatments are designed for regular enjoyment. Please discuss specific skin goals with your technician and they can help to design a custom protocol.  For the ultimate in self care, rotate through the treatments and make them a part of your weekly routine.
    • Is there any down time? No! We do recommend trying not to put makeup on after a treatment. That way, you don’t have to wash your face at night and the serums and other skin care products have longer to work their magic. If you do want to apply makeup after a treatment it should go on beautifully.
    • Are these treatments good for all skin types? What are the contraindications?
    1. Retinol. Please don’t use any retinol products 48 hours before treatment or for 48 hours after your treatment.
    2. General exfoliation. Don’t exfoliate before 24 hours before your treatment or 48 hours after your treatment.
    3. Pregnancy. All Consonant Express treatments can be enjoyed by pregnant women. For the Relax + Recover and Rejuvenate + Glow, the technician will modify the treatment to leave out the back portion.
    4. Injectables like botox. It is recommended that guests wait for 2 weeks after having any kind of fillers or other injectables to have the Detox + Sculpt facial.
    5. Acne. People with active acne may want to avoid the Detox + Sculpt facial. We use facial cups in that treatment and if you have open pustules that may spread the bacteria. We recommend the Rejuvenate + Glow facial instead.
    6. Broken capillaries: Because of the suction action of the cups in the Detox + Sculpt treatment, we recommend picking one of the other treatments if you have broken capillaries.
    • How immediately do you see benefits? Results like smoother texture or relaxed facial muscles are obvious from the very first treatment.

      After that, treatment results are progressive. You will notice more correction with each treatment. It is important to stick to a consistent facial routine to see noticeable long term benefits to your skin. Home care is also very important so we encourage you to try Consonant Skincare products at home.

      • Are these treatments good for sensitive skin? Like our products, our treatments are great for sensitive skin.
      • What’s the difference between this and Consonant Custom Cold Laser? Consonant Custom Cold Laser Treatments are technologically advanced treatments available at the Consonant Flagship Location at 819 Queen St West. They are typically 60-80 minutes long and target cellular change deep within the skin and the most popular C3L treatments cost $195-245.
      Consonant Express @ Sweat and Tonic Treatments are meant to be quick hit treatments that target specific skin needs that may arise for city dwellers. They are high touch, low tech treatments that fit into busy schedules and are meant to be enjoyed weekly. They cost $65 each.