Consonant Body Treatments are a luxurious full body experience from the shoulders down. They are high-touch and will leave you feeling rejuvenated with glowing skin. 

All of the treatments below feature 98% Pure Ambient Oxygen Spray and Hydrator Application.

Double Body Polish Treatment - Body Scrub + Diamond Microdermabrasion. 
45 mins | $150/treatment (1st time clients $135) 

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment - Negative Pressure Therapy Lymphatic Drainage
60 mins | $195/treatment (1st time clients $170) 

Polish and Drain Treatment - Body Scrub + Diamond Microdermabrasion + Negative Pressure Therapy Lymphatic Drainage
80 mins | $245/treatment (1st time clients $215)

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The Fine Print

  • Since these are full body treatments we recommend removing all clothing, except underwear.
  • There are lymph nodes under your arms and in your groin at the top of your leg. The most effective lymphatic drainage treatment involves directing fluid to those places. Your technician will ask about your comfort level at the start of your treatment. If you'd prefer to avoid those areas alternate arrangements can be made.
  • These treatments are not massage. They are skin wellness treatments. While they do incorporate wellness massages, our technicians are not RMTs.
  • Much of these treatments are done in supine position so they are not recommended for pregnant people or those with neck problems.