C3L Best Skin Treatment

 50mins | $195/treatment | PKG of 3 $540 | PKG of 6 $1000 

Why you’ll love it:
You’ll fall in love 
with this treatment’s instant results and zero downtime.
Even after the first treatment you will notice firmer, smoother skin
and more even skin tone.  

Home care is an important for getting the most out of your treatment.
Your technician will make you a complimentary 4ml bottle of one of our
treatment-exclusive Vitamin Shot Serums to take home with you at
the end of your Best Skin treatment. She will prescribe the one
that best suits your skin's needs at your appointment!


Featured Technology:
- Diamond Microdermabrasion
- Microcurrent Stimulation with LED Light Therapy
- Multi-coloured Photo Therapy SLED panel with Pure Oxygen
- 98% Pure Ambient Oxygen Spray
- Negative Pressure Therapy