Edit Seven: The Best Winter Spa Treatments To Book In Toronto ASAP

January 29, 2019 0 Comments

"It’s no surprise that winter brings with it all sorts of skin woes. The cold wind breaks down our skin barrier and the high heat indoors zaps moisture. Which means that many of us are left with dry skin that’s flaky and uncomfortable. Might we recommend a skin-care treatment? These local options focus on giving your skin the stuff (think moisture and exfoliation) it needs to stay healthy and radiant all winter long." Click here to read more.

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May 01, 2019 0 Comments

"A nine step, high-tech-yet-relaxing facial that focuses on skin concerns like dehydration, elasticity and evening out the complexion. There are no jarring sensations—no heat is applied to the face (which can lead to inflammation). Instead, a cold laser, microdermabrasion, oxygen and LED light therapy are used. All products used during the treatment are from Consonant, so they're 100% natural."

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Custom Cold Laser as featured on Allegra Shaw's Channel

January 02, 2019 0 Comments

"If you have super sensitive skin, this would be a great brand to try out. I was really impressed with that facial. I actually fell asleep."

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January 02, 2019 0 Comments

"Best Glow-Boosting Facial In TorontoWhat differentiates Consonant from other spas is its state-of-the-art cold laser machine, which helps serums penetrate deep into the skin, promotes cell turnover, reduces inflammation and improves the overall appearance of skin."

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