You Asked, We Told! Founder of Consonant Skincare Answers Your Questions About the Brand



Over the years many of our customers have been interested in what goes on behind the scenes at our company. We often receive questions about what inspired the creation of Consonant Skincare, along with every other inquiry under the sun about our products and company in general. We sat down with Bill Baker, our founder, to ask him your top questions about the brand.  


1. First of all, lets start with what influenced you to develop skin care products, and more importantly “natural” skin care?  

I have suffered from very dry skin and dermatitis issues for my whole life. The dermatitis issue was so pronounced and persistent, that I had a standing prescription for cortisone cream. This gave me relief from the symptoms, but really didn’t do anything to solve the problem. 

Then, all the way back in 2006 I bought some natural products from a co-worker who was selling them at the office. I bought them to be nice and really didn’t think too much about them until I ran out of the products I was using at the time. 

When I started using the natural products, without exaggeration, my skin cleared up over night. I was a believer. 

But the natural products on the market didn’t really speak to me from a brand perspective. They were stereotypically natural: brown packaging, patchouli scented, and goopy. And I could only find them in health food stores, not the place I shopped for skin care. 

So with Consonant we set out to take natural skin care out of the health food store, and bring it into the mainstream by formulating 100% natural, high-performance products that are healthy, feel good to use, and deliver meaningful results.  


2What makes Consonant different than other natural skin care brands, as well as conventional brands?  

We really believe that Consonant Skincare is unlike any other skin care range on the market, conventional or natural. 

First, we have cracked the code and have figured out a way to deliver healthy products that deliver meaningful results in formulations you’ll enjoy using. 

Additionally, we don’t promise to turn back the hands of time or to make you look fifteen years younger. But we do promise to help you achieve your best skin through our consultative Regimen Coach program. Tell us about your skin, and we will consult our panel of experts (Dietician, Naturopath, Aesthetician) to recommend the best protocol for you personally. We will even include recommendations on supplements and lifestyle. You can access this service in our stores or by emailing 

Finally, we won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards when we launched HydrExtreme® a few years ago. Clinically proven to outperform Hyaluronic Acid, HydrExtreme® is only available from us, and is a key ingredient in our moisturizers, eye creams and treatment products. 


3What kinds of skin-types are Consonant products made for?  

We only half jokingly say Consonant Skincare products are for People with Skin. But it’s true.  

Natural loves natural, so our products are prefect for all skin types including, super-sensitive skin, acneic skin and very dry skin.  


4How would you recommend someone who is new to natural skin care to start switching over? 

We seldom hear about customers having issues adopting Consonant Skincare products for their regimen, but we do recommend a staggered switch over.  

This allows your skin to purge itself of the synthetic ingredients that may be clogging your pores (petroleum ingredients, silicone-derived ingredients like dimethicone) or otherwise compromising your skin. 

There is no sense just throwing away the conventional products you have been using. Instead, use them up and when it comes time to replenish, replace it with a natural product like Consonant Skincare. 


To answer more of your questions, check out Bill’s interview video below!  



We love hearing from every single one of you, so ask us your questions! You can send us an email at, and of course, check us out on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. We are #consonantlife. 

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  • Bill Baker
Comments 3
  • Marnie

    I LOVE your skincare products especially Hydrextreme. Would you ever consider creating a makeup line?

  • Consonant Skincare
    Consonant Skincare

    Hi Anna! Thats so crazy you had the same experience as Bill! It totally makes a difference eliminating all the toxins out of your regimen. The effects can literally happen over night once you stop exposing your skin to irritating chemicals. So glad our products have helped you!

  • Annapearl

    Oh, I didn’t know that Bill used to have dermatitis! Makes perfect sense to me now because I’ve had really bad atopic dermatitis my whole life (and needed a much stronger steroid cream called betamethasone valerate just to use my hands for everyday activities). My skin can’t take any perfumes or chemicals in conventional products and “oily” “goopy” health food store products don’t work (and sometimes irritate) it. Consonant cosmetics are the only thing that agrees with me. Maybe Weleda sometimes, but it’s still too buttery and oily and I can’t use too much of it.

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