Tips for Balance after the Holidays: Featuring Holistic Health Expert- Marni Wasserman

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It’s that time of year again… that’s right, it’s the month where everyone sets lofty resolutions for themselves. We love making goals, but sometimes it can just be so tough to stick to them! Whatever your new year’s goals are, one thing is for sure; small changes can add up to the biggest changes of all.

Perhaps you’re looking to improve your skin, improve your diet, or maybe you just want to read more books. For some achievable-goal inspiration, we asked Holistic Health Expert, Marni Wasserman, to give us her top 10 tips for reaching balance after the holidays.

Remember, small changes are the easiest to maintain, so try implementing a few of these per week… we know you’ll love #9 ;).

  1. Go to bed early! This is the single most important tip for true healing and feeling your best. I would aim to get into bed by 10 pm and then wake around 7 am for optimal rest and rejuvenation.
  2. Go for regular walks in nature. It may be cold out there but breathing in fresh air and moving your body have their benefits no matter what time of year it is. Try and go for longer walks, and discover new parks, trails or places to venture.
  3. Write it down. Find a tool that works for you to get your thoughts down on paper. Whether it’s a journal, notebook, notepad, app or diary – find a way to express your thoughts, ideas, to-do’s…anything. This is such healthy way to start or even end your day.
  4. Read a new and inspiring book. If there is an area you want to learn about in 2018 or changes you want to make to your health, mindset, body or kitchen get a book on it and start reading! 10 minutes a day goes a long way.
  5. Get into your kitchen. True nourishment and real food can only come from what you create in your kitchen. Make it your mission to get out to the grocery store or farmers market to stock up on fresh food and make something delicious for you and your family.
  6. Listen to a podcast. The knowledge you can gain from listening to a podcast is going to blow your mind. Download a few episodes on topics that interest you for the next time you are on a walk, cooking or cleaning. I highly recommend The Ultimate Health Podcast
  7. Have an elixir for breakfast. If you haven’t had the pleasure of creating a fatty, foamy, healing beverage for breakfast now is the time. Elixirs are such a simple and nourishing way to start the day. Not to mention they are warm, filling and will keep you going for hours.
  8. Start baking without grains. After the holidays, you may not want to look at another baked good for months. If you start to make simple swaps in your kitchen for cleaner, better flours that just happen to be grain-free, I promise you won’t have the bloats. Get yourself a copy of A Real Treat to help you learn what to stock up on and how make everything from cookies, brownies and crumbles all with clean ingredients.
  9. Watch Netflix. Yes I am telling you to watch more TV! I think having a show that you can “escape” with on a regular basis is important for well-being. Just make sure it’s something light, quirky or funny – especially before bed.
  10. Exercise at home. I hear you. The thought of going to the gym is terrible, especially at the start of the year. Tell you what; get yourself a yoga mat, a few hand weights, resistance bands and the best piece of equipment of all, your body! That’s right, all you need is “YOU” to get a dynamic, full body workout it. The best part…wait for it…all you need is 10 minutes! There are so many exercises to be found online or just get creative at home.


Do you have any lifestyle goals for 2018? Tell us below! And of course for more tips and healthy living inspiration, follow Marni on Instagram at @marniwasserman.

Stay tuned to our Instagram (@consonantlife) in February, when Marni and The Ultimate Health Podcast will take over our account to teach us all about healthy living!

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