The Best Gift Of Love (For Yourself)

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The Best Gift Of Love (For Yourself)

Valentine's Day

While the expectations of Valentine's Day are dominating every grocery store, and social media feed, it can be easy to neglect the most important person to love- YOURSELF. Self-love is an important foundation for building happiness in other aspects of our lives, but sometimes this department can get forgotten. We asked Dr. Sindy Shin, a Naturopathic Doctor and self-belief coach to give us some tips on how to fit some self-love into your day. Because YOU DESERVE IT <3.


The Best Gift of Love (for yourself!)


The other day, I had three separate clients talk to me about their struggle with squeezing self-care into their busy schedules. With Valentine’s Day here and all the focus on finding the perfect gift of love for that special someone, I thought how great it would be if we all gave ourselves some love with the gift of self-care.

A survey of almost 1000 Canadian women showed women are happier now compared to 10 years ago. The survey found that the two biggest factors were family life and self-confidence. With this survey in mind and being an advocate for self-belief myself, I thought the best gift of self-care is an extra dose of self-confidence.

Here are my top 3 tips to help you cultivate confidence:

  1. Kick Comparison. If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else and it leaves you feeling not good enough or even envious, pause for a second, breathe and acknowledge what you feel. Then, tip the balance toward self-compassion and say three things you genuinely love about yourself. This simple exercise aims to re-program your thoughts in a positive and self-loving way.
  2. Nourish to Flourish. Just like seeds need water to grow, you need to nourish yourself for personal growth too. This could look like choosing nutritious foods to fuel your body, meditation to calm your mind or doing more of what you love to feed your soul. All of these things will shift you into a space where you feel energized, can think clearly and improve your mood, all which play a key role in building self-esteem.
  3. Stay Connected. We are all connected, linked together like a chain. If you lift one link, the rest will rise up too. Helping others is an effective way to elevate self-esteem and also gives you a chance to try new things while supporting others. If you’re shy, start small and don’t feel pressured, but put the intention out there and take baby steps.

I hope these three confidence exercises help you hug each day with more joy, energy and peace of mind. Valentine’s Day highlights love once a year, but cultivating self-love is something worth doing everyday.

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About The Author:

As a naturopathic doctor and self-belief coach, Dr. Sindy Shin, ND helps women breakthrough self-doubt and fears so they can confidently march forward with power and grace. At the heart of what she does is supporting women to take care of themselves with a firm belief in who they are and the life they were born to live. As a mom, she relates to the challenges of a busy lifestyle and knows the importance of self-care. That’s why she teaches simple ways to cultivate healthy habits that suit your lifestyle so you can live with vitality, clarity and peace of mind.



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