Our Natural Skin Care Philosophy: What goes on your body goes in your body

December 22, 2017 0 Comments




What goes on your body goes in your body - you may have read that on one of our shopping bags, saw it on our Instagram, or perhaps this is the first time you are reading our slogan. This is the philosophy that inspired Consonant’s all-natural skin care, and is what we live by.

Of course what you put in your body directly affects your overall health, but we often neglect to think about the products that touch our skin. As the largest organ of the body, our skin is one of the easiest pathways for chemicals to enter our system, as it absorbs molecules like a sponge. This is the reason why many pharmaceutical drugs are designed to be topically applied in patches or creams, as they can be directly absorbed into our bodies. In a pharmaceutical situation, this can be a good thing, but in our every day life, exposing our skin to hundreds of synthetic chemicals (ahem… beauty products) can have many negative health effects.

With this in mind, Consonant Skincare entered the beauty industry at a time when natural skin care was still in its infancy, and products were not designed to be free of toxic chemicals. Even our founder and CEO Bill Baker can agree, that when he started Consonant Skincare 10 years ago, there was a major void in the beauty industry when it came to natural. There were not enough products on the market that were free of any harsh added chemicals, and were still effective by living up to what they claimed. Bill wanted to change this, by making high-performance natural skin care products that could work for everyone and anyone, while not having to think twice about if the ingredients were toxic.

10 years later, here we are. Consonant Skincare now has a full line of bath, body, and skin care products, that not only perform to their potential, but are completely natural. All of our formulations are completely free of synthetic ingredients, are made for sensitive skin, and give you the results you are expecting. At Consonant we want you to achieve your healthiest skin, without having to worry about the safety of your skin care products. We have made it easier than ever to turn to natural, so that you can reach your most consonant life.


If you have any questions about our ingredients, Consonant in general, or want to try our products before buying, please email us at info@consonantskincare.com or comment below. And of course, check us out on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We are #consonantlife.