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Sleep is an essential part of rest and recovery, and is a major player in contributing to our physical and mental health, cognitive functioning, work performance, and the health of our skin. Often, we only start paying close attention to our sleep when it becomes difficult and starts impacting energy levels throughout the workday and begins showing on our faces.

The Impact Of Poor Sleep

Everyone varies in terms of the number of hours they require for a restful and restorative sleep. Without adequate sleep, you may start to notice reduced concentration and difficulty remembering things, mood changes, difficulty coping with stress, and reduced activity tolerance. You may also start to see your lack of sleep when you look in the mirror.  

Why Sleep Impacts Our Bodies

This is because during sleep, our bodies regenerate and repair tissues and our brain synthesizes and files information. Without a full dose of high-quality sleep, our minds don’t work their best and our skin may lose its luster (dark circles anyone?). Not only can working to improve your sleep help to manage these symptoms, but integrating sleep hygiene strategies can also be a preventative measure to maintain your physical and mental health.

The good news! There are some helpful tips and tricks to improve and maintain restful and restorative sleep so you can function at your best.

10 Tips for a better sleep
  1. Develop a consistent sleep and wake time

  2. Your bed is only for sleeping (and physical intimacy!)

  3. Avoid screen use (yes that means a Netflix binge) at least one hour before bedtime

  4. Create a consistent bedtime routine that incorporates relaxing and calming activities (hello skin care regimen!)

  5. Avoid clock watching

  6. Keep a consistent daytime routine

  7. Avoid ingesting caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime

  8. NO NAPPING! (if you have to, keep it before 3PM and for less than 30 minutes)

  9. Keep your phone out of the bedroom

  10. Use the “get up and try again” method, where if you’re having trouble sleeping, get out of bed and then return to bed as if you’re going to bed for the first time.

These tactics will not only help you fall asleep more easily, but also improve the quality of your sleep; a benefit you’ll be sure to feel in your daily life and see in the mirror!

We've also partnered with Cassidy to record a Guided Meditation for Sleep and Relaxation for days you need a little more help.


If you happen to have the odd night of poor sleep try our Firming Eye Cream! The zinc oxide in the formulation brightens and tightens under the eyes to help you look more awake, even if you don’t feel it.

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